People with high emotional intelligence are poised, outgoing, and cheerful; have empathy for others; express their feelings directly but appropriately; and have a capacity for developing meaningful relationships.

  • Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand your feelings and the emotional states of those around you and the ability to use those feelings to guide thoughts and actions appropriately.

  • Emotional intelligence is often referred to as common sense, although of course it isn’t so common. It helps you motivate yourself, get along with others, and build strong relationships.

  • Emotional intelligence happens below the surface. It's preconscious—it happens before you use your intellect. You aren't always aware of the workings of your emotional mind. You're only aware of your impressions and instincts.

  • Emotional intelligence can be divided into the following five general categories:

    • Self-awareness

    • Self-regulation

    • Motivation

    • Empathy

    • Social skills




This full day workshop works directly with the participants current level of emotional intelligence and how to increase the way they react and communicate to certain situations.

What is Emotional Intelligence?
Emotional Intelligence
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