The Individual Contributor is a key participant in the organizational structure.  It is a person that must make a conscious decision to become a professional contributor.  The individual contributor plays an important part in promoting and supporting cooperation and efficient working relationships as organizational values.  The development of these relationships has a strong impact and influence on inter- and intra-departmental activities.  It is through collaboration that these relationships will be nurtured and will prosper.  It is through cooperation that the individual contributor will reach full profession potential, yielding the best business results.


The Individual Contributor Workshop is a powerful 2 day experience that focuses on building the unique skills and abilities necessary to build relationships, grow trust, apply power and influence, conduct negotiations and convey urgency without the support of positional power and authority. Through the use of structured applications, role plays, aptitude batteries and focused feedback, the individual contributor will have the skill sets and comfort levels necessary for high impact.


Your Toolbox

  1. Deliberate, Automatic and Reactive Thinking

  2. Establishing Your Trustworthiness

  3. Application of Power and Influence

  4. Conflict Resolution

  5. Structured Decision Making

  6. Negotiation Strategies

  7. Coaching


You & Your Boss

  1. Things are Under Control

  2. Bringing About Desired Results

  3. Why Surprising Your Boss is Deadly – Performing Within the Rules, Conventions, and Expectations


You & Your Peers

  1. Earning the Respect of Your Colleagues

  2. Respecting Your Colleagues

  3. Team Etiquette

Individual Contributors
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