Assessment & Development Centers

Questions to ponder...


How many of your managers shouldn't be leading? How many of them:

  • have been promoted for technical competence?

  • are highly task driven?

  • have received leadership skills guidance?

  • are actively engaged in developing their leadership competencies?

  • can effectively lead their people through change?

  • lack self-confidence; exhibit limited initiative and risk taking?

  • are reactionary and at times display low emotional intelligence?

  • are high risk to the company from both leadership and legal perspectives?

Leadership Assessment Process - LAP



Our Leadership Assessment Process (LAP) is an accurate and efficient method of:


  • a seiries of situational based scenarios used in determining the level of interpersonal and leadership skills of incumbents


  • a means of constructing individualized plans for development around the specific skill strengths and weakenesses identified


  • a safe learning environment where incumbents receive immediate coaching and focused training on a "cause and effect" basis are able to apply skills and tools acquiredties for growth identified during the process.





  • Helps management identify critical common performance components for developmental focus; "raising the performance bar"


  • Greatly increases ability of matching skills with tasks


  • Results in targeted , individualized plans for development


  • Creates real-time awareness and powerful learning experiences for participants


  • Generates "tools" for changing and shifting organizations' culture


  • Provides managers with a coaching "roadmap" for developing subordinates


  • Reduces financial and legal risk to organizations and their selecting officials by addressing critical competencies that include issues ranging from cultural diversity to company policy and federal law


Leadership Training and development
"The Leadership Assessment Profile is a very powerful tool. We've had excellent feedback on the process. It's caused us to improve how we get good people into management and how we maintain them in that system."
John Fabian, Ph.D.
Hanford Nuclear Facility
Remote Development Center - RDC

Used as a tool for follow-up and a means for accountability for participants whom have participated in the LAP. the Remote Development Center allows our partners to view the progress of the individual.


Through the use of video confrencing, the participant can by engaged from anywhere in the world and still get the full desired effect of the process. We've found that the burden of aligning schedules is reduced dramatically. Not to mention the significant savings from travel and per diems.