Are your managers and supervisors caretakers or leaders? Our journeys in both the public and private sectors uncover many managers and administrators, but precious few leaders. In most cases, for leaders to flourish the culture must change. Risk taking and initiative occur when (1) boundaries of authority and responsibility are clear and (2) people are provided custom designed performance and leadership skills training to proactively understand their responsibilities and wisely discharge their authority.




Bottom Line spends time in determining where the leadership “gaps” are, then custom design the leadership training, inventories and coaching guaranteed to close those gaps. Balanced Leadership Training (BLT) is designed to provide the specific tools needed in both task and relationship arenas to provide the skills, “ownership” and applications needed throughout the organization.



Aspiring Leaders

(Potential Leaders) > Leadership Aptitude, Communication Skills, Customer Service, Leadership Roles, Leadership Attitude, Survival Skills


Leadership I

(Supervisors/Mid-Level) > Change Management, Coaching/Mentoring, Problem,Solving (Decision Making), Delegation, Performance Management, Team Building, Power and Influence


Leadership II

(Senior Management) > Visionary Leadership, Strategic Planning, Decision Making, Weisbord's Six Box Model, Leadership Assessment, Systems Thinking

Leadership Skills
“The Management Development Workshop put together and presented by Bottom Line and our staff is consistently rated at the top of all our workshops. It is required of all managers."
Don Young
Director HR Engineering
Siemens Energy, Inc.

“Low Hanging Fruit and Highly Placed Vegetables” is written as critical, edgy but humorous critique and commentary on popular practices, assumptions and programs of modern day management. The book gets existing management to rethink their approaches and new managers to know what pitfalls to avoid.

Leadership Training
"I recently had the "pleasure" of being in one of Tom's leadership sucked. I didn't enjoy it because the spot light was shown brightly on my leadership gaps. Tom is very insightful and although at times like a Navy Seal instructor, he's helpful. I read the book in a couple of days and the stories in it made me laugh as I saw myself in a lot of them. Tom has what a lot of leadership consultants don't have - experience. He shares his mistakes and gives hope to the reader that they too can become a great leader. I'm working on it with Tom's guidance."
C. Watola
Alpharetta, GA
"It was a ‘Great’ opportunity and experience to have been coached by you in the past 2 days. I never thought I would have gained so much from this course. If I can describe about my experience out of this class then I would say – it made me a better person to understand and manage people and situations at both my professional and personal life. Out of a personal experience, I can see how often I have not realized these principles while managing my own 10 years old son. On the positive side I now can at least apply these skills immediately on managing and bringing up a young man. This will help me in keeping the skills going into my future professional leadership career.
I can see the difference from being coached by an experienced professor (at a university) v/s being coached by someone with years of corporate leadership experience (like you)."
Sivabrato Das
Siemens Energy, Inc.